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• More than 15 years of career developed in the following areas: process engineering, manufacturing and maintenance.

• Professional with extensive experience in large companies in project management, people management, having expertise in manufacturing processes, costs reduction, implementation of new processes, digital transformation.

• Strong experience in managing high performance teams, having a coach and situational leadership style.

• Management of projects of high impact, organizational and financial, using Agile methodologies, Scrum and also by the PMBOK.

• Responsible for the digital transformation of vehicle plant (CVP) of Renault, with the target to insert in the industry 4.0 format, having implemented several projects with this theme - For Example: AGVs, COBOTs, Vision Systems, Automation, Workforce Integration by system.

• Electrolux Award 2019 – Teamship – Increase capacity in 10% Paint Shop

• Renault Brazil 2014 Awards – Results in electrical problem reduction by 70%.

• Renault Brazil 2015 Awards – Hyper competitiveness project (Reengineering) - AGVs, Lean Manufacturing.

• Academic recognition as the best student of electrical engineering by the UTFPR.


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